Panulirus argus Have long, cylindrical bodies covered with spines. Two large spines form forward-pointing "horns" above the eyestalks. 

They are generally olive greenish or brown, but can be tan to mahogany. There is a scattering of yellowish to cream-colored spots on the carapace and larger 
(usually four to six) yellow to cream-colored spots on the abdomen. 
They have no claws(pincers). The first pair of antennae are slender, black or dark brown and biramous. The second pair of antennae are longer than the body, 
and covered with forward pointing spines. 
The bases of the second antennae are thick, can have a bluish tinge, and are likewise covered with rows of spines. 

The legs are usually striped longitudinally with blue and yellow and terminate in a single spine-like point. The somites of the abdomen are smooth and have a shallow 
furrow across the middle.
Each has pairs of swimmerets on the underside that are yellow and black. The lobes of the tail are colored similarly to the swimmerets

Human consumption

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